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As your trusted veterinarian in Vernon Hills, IL, we believe in doing nothing less than going above and beyond for our pets because we know they would do the same for us. At Companion Animal Hospital in Vernon Hills, making pets and people happy is what makes us happy and eager to come to work every morning! Our full-service veterinary hospital strives to make every visitor feel special when they stop in to see us. Whether you hail from Vernon Hills or elsewhere, you can expect a warm welcome. Call (847) 821-6189 to schedule an appointment!

Our hospital is proudly accredited by AAHA. Our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards ensures that your furry companions receive the best possible care and attention they deserve.


We are here to service the cities of Vernon Hills, IL, Mundelein, IL, Buffalo Grove, IL, Lincolnshire, IL, Deerfield, IL, Libertyville, IL, Gurnee, IL, Lake Forest, IL, Waukegan, IL, Wheeling, IL and more!


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★★★★★ Excellent highly recommend! Very friendly staff, very knowledgeable veterinarian and vet assistants took great care of our Flemish Giant rabbit, Bunkins. Giant rabbits are not always easy to handle but they did such a great job that Bunkins actually seemed to be looking forward to his check up! They went above and beyond to help him heal from a leg injury and loss of appetite, even emailed a prescription on short notice so we could refill his medication at our local Walgreens. Very professional, there was no waiting time when we arrived, they already had his room ready! Thank you for taking such great care of Bunkins!! He is doing so much better!Kirsten A.Kirsten A. ★★★★★ Always wonderful! So caring for all my pet babies.Christie K.Christie K. ★★★★★ This was our first time going to Companion Vernon Hills and what a great experience. The staff was absolutely amazing. Very informative, helpful and fast.Trace C.Trace C. ★★★★★ Companion always takes great care of my two cats. It's clean, the employees are SO professional and nice. They also make my cats feel more comfortable using treats loldana K.dana K. ★★★★★ It's all about the staff, and they are the best!Roger S.Roger S. ★★★★★ We've recently moved to the area and needed a new Location to take our senior Goldendoodle. We were able to get an appointment right away with Companion animal hospital. The staff were super helpful and friendly. The Vet gave our dog a thorough check-up and made some useful recommendations. The pricing also seemed very fair. We will be back and recommend them to anyone who may need their services.James E.James E. ★★★★★ A very positive experience at CAH! All the staff were excellent. The doctor was very kind and patient with my nervous kitties, even explaining how she always faces them away from her when giving shots as it's less scary to them that way. My cats may not love going to the vet, but thanks to CAH it's as painless as possible. Love their hours, too - very easy to schedule an appointment and I could even schedule online. 🙂Andrea J.Andrea J. ★★★★★ Super positive experience, Brought my two cats here, Dr. Koza has helped us a lot.Eldor N.Eldor N. ★★★★★ Everyone is so kind. Dr. Morton is so good with my punky.Michelle C.Michelle C. ★★★★★ This is the best animal hospital in the area. Dr Morton was the ONLY vet that actually listened to my concerns about our bullmastiff. She did biopsies on him and diagnosed him with 2 different forms of cancer. Unfortunately, we lost him, but I was forever grateful to her for taking time to evaluate him and listen to my concerns. Also, we take our demonic cat to her, and she is able to handle him! Nobody handles our beast! She examined him, drew labs on him and gave him his feline leukemia vaccine. What a vet!!! Everyone there is friendly and beyond accommodating. If I call with a problem, they ALWAYS fit me in to see a vet the same day. I honestly have never been happier, and I will never take my animals anywhere else unless they require a specialist as our bullmastiff did after his diagnosis. We brought him to an oncologist at VSC and they were also exceptional.Roseanne P.Roseanne P. ★★★★★ Truly compassionate and skilled vet.Jori B.Jori B. ★★★★★ Extraordinary staff, compassionate and kind. I have been bringing our dogs here for ten years and have always received incredible service.Liz W.Liz W. ★★★★★ Great people and great service.Janice I.Janice I. ★★★★★ I am so grateful for the staff and doctors for providing great care to my cats. Companion is one of the best vet hospitals in the vernon hills area, with competent doctors and a welcoming staff!Neeraja KNeeraja K ★★★★★ My cat Raven has a growth on his lower eye lid. I wanted Immediate help the veterinarian I was seeing was running tests that had nothing to do with his eyes and racking up expense bills. Asking for recommendations. I ended up trying Companion care It was an absolutely wonderful experience.They got straight to it in helping my lil guy there honesty and attention to getting to the root of the problem made things so much better. Now, his outcome may be cancer and he may not be around much longer. But at least I know I won't be taken advantage of and his day's will be ones of comfort.Kevin P.Kevin P. ★★★★★ Exceptionally friendly personnel, great service, communication, facility. Minimum stress to my pet. Highly recommend.Sergey K.Sergey K. ★★★★★ Dr. Erica Morton is an amazing small mammal vet. My Guinea pig hasn’t been acting himself and she was so through with his exam and you can tell she truly cares about these small animals. Will definitely be returning with my other piggy also for a regular examVictoria R.Victoria R. ★★★★★ I cannot thank Companion and Dr. Koza enough. My Chihuahua is not a client at this hospital (my regular vet is 45 min away) but, at the last minute, one half hour before closing, Dr. Koza agreed to see Gretchen for a serious eye problem. She did an excellent exam as well as consulted an ophthalmologist. Dr. Koza could have just told us to go to an ER but she did not. Highly recommend these ultra nice people!!!!Elaine H.Elaine H. ★★★★★ Agile and friendly service. Excellent communication between staff and customer. Highly recommend!Martina S.Martina S. ★★★★★ UPDATED JANUARY 2023: We are still totally satisfied with Companion Vernon Hills. They are easy to reach, caring, efficient, and always make time for our pets. Highly recommend!Sandy A.Sandy A. ★★★★★ So unbelievably thoughtful, compassionate and thorough. Thank you so much for your kindness and empathy after the loss of our rabbit, Fritz.Katie B.Katie B. ★★★★★ They were able to get her looked at and did all the necessary work. They were responsive with the many questions I had and easy to work with. I definitely trust them to care for my dog and highly recommend them.Dixie C.Dixie C. ★★★★★ Everyone is friendly and professional. The staff is accommodating. Communication is top-notch.Shaira Athalia P.Shaira Athalia P. ★★★★★ Our guinea pig was sick and they are one of the few vets that will treat guinea pigs close to us. Everyone there is very friendly. The vet took her time with our guinea pig and explained everything that was going on and was also very patient with us. If he needs any further treatment we will be going back to them.Michelle J.Michelle J. ★★★★★ My poodle was groomed at Companion and Jessica did a great job. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend and plan on returning.LEllen A.LEllen A. ★★★★★ Our bunny had a constant runny nose and was sneezing. Our regular vet suggested we needed a “specialist” to care for him. He was seen during the height of the pandemic and they came out to the car to get him and bring him back. He was seen immediately, and the vet, herself called me on my phone while we were still in the parking lot, to give me his diagnosis. Who knew bunnies could have allergies? He’s 8 years old and doing great! P.S. You can tell by the picture that he’s not spoiled - at all. LOL!Char D.Char D. ★★★★★ Very professional staff, clean environment and appropriately animal friendly. It's clear that they love our pets too!Theresa N.Theresa N. ★★★★★ Highly recommend! Fantastic staff and doctors. They really care about your pets health.Miguel V.Miguel V. ★★★★★ Companion Animal Hospital has friendly staff, are experts with animals and are prompt. Our animals love companion too.Brook A.Brook A. ★★★★★ Everyone here is so friendly, helpful and caring. Thank you for helping WrigleyMyly L.Myly L. ★★★★★ Super nice vet and staff. They spent a lot of time listening to everything that was going on and gave a through exam. No wait. Clean and modern facility. Pries similar to what I have paid elsewhereSusan L.Susan L. ★★★★★ The staff is friendy and the doctors approach every case with best practice in mind. My three Chihuahuas love their doctor and their facilty welcoming and clean.Evan T.Evan T. ★★★★★ Staff is friendly and my dog is always treated well!Joyce C.Joyce C. ★★★★★ Always polite and kind to our animals. Clean and organized.Kathy D.Kathy D. ★★★★★ It was my first time bringing my Bunny and they treated him with a lot of love. They did a professional checkup. and the staff was very kind. I recommend this place is one of my favorites.esme G.esme G. ★★★★★ This place is the best place to take ur pet for any reason needed. I went in twice in the past week and ended up needing to put my Guinea pig down. The staff was so so kind I don’t think I would be so comfortable and relaxed after my best friend was getting put down but the people there made it all so much better. Kind words and actions really make a difference and I’m so thankful for everyone there.Olivia Z.Olivia Z. ★★★★★ The staff is always very happy and helpful and everyone seems to enjoy working together - which definitely helps the pets then feel like it's more of a welcoming and fun place to be while they're there. I've had about 10 visits the first year to Companion Vernon Hills with my puppy and every one of them has been a 10/10 rating. Please keep doing what you're doing!justnsync23justnsync23 ★★★★★ Prompt service, knowledgeable staff and very friendly with our Fur Baby ❤️Anurag S.Anurag S. ★★★★★ Very caring vet and staff. I would always recommend them for your pet.Joan N.Joan N. ★★★★★ Karina went above and beyond for my pet. She took time out of her own day to help, and we are extremely grateful for her efforts. Very selfless. You are in great hands.Jared PJared P ★★★★★ You know it's a great veterinarian's office when your dog isn't scared to go in! Everyone is very nice from the time you walk in to the time you check out. Super clean and nicely decorated. I would highly recommend.Amanda G.Amanda G. ★★★★★ Everyone is so kind and compassionate RIP Junkyard Daisy 12/16/2021 😔 She was 💜Dr Morton showed her so much love and care when it was time to Cross over I have no words. Thank you Dr. Morton 🤗Carol T.Carol T. ★★★★★ Mushroom and Oscar love their Drs. and Staff at Companion! Fantastic compassionate care, top shelf!Stephen D.Stephen D. ★★★★★ I truly appreciate the staff in CAH Vernon Hills, I was 15 minutes late to pick up my dogs from their groomer and was close to closing time, Christine assured me that they will wait for me and will make sure my dogs are well taken care off till then, and she did. We love this location and all their staff, very professional, friendly even when we all effected by the pandemic. Thank you Very Much.sal K.sal K. ★★★★★ Very nice people, very caring with my pet rat, and they were very helpful highly recommend!!Fang D.Fang D. ★★★★★ Companion is my go to for my pets. The staff is friendly and they take good care of my fur-babies. I also like how accommodating they are. When my cat needed medical attention, I called them and they were able to see her that same day.Sara C.Sara C. ★★★★★ I had an emergency with the cat that adopted me. His left front paw became too painful for him to walk upon. I had no experience with Companion at all, but that will change. Cookie is not the easiest kitty to deal with but they handled him extremely well. They prescribed medication for the infection in his paw and the affects of it are already apparent. Everything about the experience was wonderful (apart from the hurt kitty). I would fully recommend Companion Animal Hospital of Vernon Hills to anyone looking for a great veterinarian.J Scott C.J Scott C. ★★★★★ As a new patient, Miss Dixie, my 2-year old Yorkie/poo, was confused by the vet, building, etc. Bobby immediately made her fill comfortable and when Dr. Morton came in she accepted kisses from Dixie. They recorded her vaccine info from our former vet, updated the new RX and gave Dixie a quick check over. I am thrilled that we have found a wonderful vet and tech in our new hometown.Rita H.Rita H. ★★★★★ I brought my new puppy in and they were very welcoming and answered all my questions. They called promptly the next day to let me know test results.Beth H.Beth H. ★★★★★ We love our haircuts from the grooming team! Gilly is our favorite groomer She is always very thorough and Sadie loves her which truly means a lot because Sadie suffers from high anxiety and isn’t comfortable with everyone. Thank you Companion Animal Hospital!Shanan J.Shanan J. ★★★★★ Very nice people and so good with our pomeranian Rizzo.Shelley M.Shelley M. ★★★★★ This was my first visit. My dog is super excited when visiting new places. Companion Animal Hospital was immensely patient. When I called letting them know, they booked me for a slightly longer appointment to give him more time to settle before the appointment. They had so many different strategies to help keep him calm, scents, making sure there were no other dogs around while I walked him to the room, and a vet tech who was incredibly calm and knew how to interact with my dog to keep him calm. After 10 minutes of excitement, he sat and then laid down, and was calm the entire rest of the appointment. I would recommend this vet hospital for anyone who wants an extremely professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic environment for your dog to be well taken care of.Victor X.Victor X. ★★★★★ My puppy went for her first wellness check today The entire staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Morton gave my girl a thorough checkup and answered all my questions. My puppy just loves her. So glad I chose Companion.Linda K.Linda K. ★★★★★ Best veterinary clinic. Dr. Erica Morton is very friendly and professionalYemi B.Yemi B. ★★★★★ Dr. Morton knows her stuff. I followed her from her other practice, because she has done great thing for my older dog. Always the professional and always kind.Ruby YoungRuby Y.Ruby Y. ★★★★★ Thank you to Doctor Scott and the rest of the absolutely wonderful staff here. They were so kind and even though so incredibly busy, squeezed me in so that my sweet girl could be as comfortable as possible due to an infection in her nipple. I was informed and at ease knowing my girl was in good hands at Companion Animal Hospital Vernon Hills! They truly made this so much less traumatic for both myself and Leia and I can't thank them enough for that. ❤katelynn P.katelynn P. ★★★★★ I can't say enough about the staff, everyone you work with is attentive to your pet's needs. There is a diffuser in the treatment room providing calming canine scents. When it's time for an injection, our pup is given a stick with spray cheese on it as a distraction. This practice goes above and beyond!Kathy S.Kathy S. ★★★★★ Have been going here since they opened. Always have a great experience with the Vets, Techs, and Front Desk staff. Giga just got her clean bill of health, ready for another year of chasing squirrel and lizards. Really like the expansion they just did, and the big modern picture of the Cairn is fun too. Giga is a Cairn. When Ellie was at her time to cross the rainbow bridge, they were very caring during that difficult time.Gene R.Gene R. ★★★★★ Gilly is the best groomer. My dog Royal looks like a real show dog. So soft, so clean and perfect triming.Blanche G.Blanche G. ★★★★★ Staff showed compassion for pet and owner. Very knowledgeable, and makes sure to cover all the details of the appointment. The follow up call is also appreciated. 10/10Katie S.Katie S. ★★★★★ The staff are all very friendly and treat me like part of the family and are great with my dogs, thanks and keep up the great work 👍Carlos M.Carlos M. ★★★★★ I brought both of my dogs here for both surgery and exams and I LOVE it! My pit mix puppy is very untrusting of strangers and he had a good time inside after the assistants/technicals coaxed him in with treats. My chihuahua also LOVES Dr. Morton! She works very well with both my big and little nervous dogs, and I swear she can get through to the most anxious of small dogs. The staff is also very kind of friendly and is always so helpful when I call or go in! Taking your pet into the vet is never completely stress free, but they make it MUCH easier!Destiny P.Destiny P. ★★★★★ Was recommended to go here by my aunt who’s a vet. It was my first visit but they were kind, fair, and answered all my questions. Thank you!Sonja J.Sonja J. ★★★★☆ Today was an awesome Visit thank you to the technicians that took good care of Loki and finally got his nails trimmed thank you we will be backLisa W.Lisa W.js_loader

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We take our status as a full-service veterinary hospital very seriously. In addition to providing essential medical treatments for sick pets and routine wellness exams for healthy pets, we also offer elective pet services to enhance their quality of life.

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Amanda G

You know it’s a great veterinarian’s office when your dog isn’t scared to go in! Everyone is very nice from the time you walk in to the time you check out. Super clean and nicely decorated. I would highly recommend.

Olivia Z

This place is the best place to take ur pet for any reason needed. I went in twice in the past week and ended up needing to put my Guinea pig down. The staff was so so kind I don’t think I would be so comfortable and relaxed after my best friend was getting put down but the people there made it all so much better. Kind words and actions really make a difference and I’m so thankful for everyone there.

Esme G

It was my first time bringing my Bunny and they treated him with a lot of love. They did a professional checkup. and the staff was very kind. I recommend this place is one of my favorites.

Kathy D

Always polite and kind to our animals. Clean and organized.

Evan T

The staff is friendly and the doctors approach every case with best practice in mind. My three Chihuahuas love their doctor and their facility welcoming and clean.

Gary G

We have been clients for 20 years. From puppies’ first shots to helping old family pets pass on to a better place and everything in between they have been a trusted resource.