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Pocket Pets

Pocket Pet Care

We’re happy to offer pocket pet care here at our hospital. We are qualified to treat a variety of pocket pet species, including guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and rabbits. While they may be small, pocket pets need plenty of care just like dogs and cats–don’t let their size fool you. It’s important to establish a health care program for your pocket-sized companion as soon as possible after bringing them home so they can enjoy the healthiest life possible.

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Due to their shorter lifespans, pocket pets age quickly. However, like dogs and cats, they also have a tendency to hide their pain or illness for as long as they can, so it’s hard to spot when they’re feeling unwell. At Companion Animal Hospital Vernon Hills, our doctors recommend annual checkups for all pets, because a lot of things can change in just a year. A condition that seems minor and harmless can progress and become much more severe in just a few weeks or months.

In addition to maintaining an accurate health and medical history for your small pet, we need to be able to detect and diagnose any existing problems so they can be treated effectively. During your pet’s checkups, we can also discuss common signs of illness in pets like yours. This gives you the ability to recognize potential red flags and seek timely treatment for your companion.


Regular Care for Pocket Pets

The physical exam is one of the most important services we can provide, but we can also offer nutrition recommendations and discuss what your pet needs for a healthy, comfortable habitat. Pocket pets can be very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and other changes; consistency is key. Handling, husbandry, and grooming are also essential topics we’ll need to cover with you, especially if you are a first-time pocket pet owner.

Pocket Pet Care Near You

To learn more about what your pocket pet needs to live the longest and happiest life possible, call us today at (847) 821-6189! Once your appointment is scheduled, please fill out our Small Mammal History Form here!