Fear Free Methods


If your pet experiences anxiety at the mere mention of the vet, our team in Vernon Hills can help. Many pets, regardless of species, can become very stressed when taken from their familiar home environment and brought to a strange place. The best way we can communicate to your pet that the care they’re receiving is important is to reduce their fears as much as possible. To accomplish that goal, our team members utilize Fear Free care methods. Our hope is to help more pets get the care they need and to feel more secure during their visits.


To help each patient feel safer and more at-ease during their appointment, we take the following steps:

  • We can offer recommendations for preparing your pet for transportation to our hospital. This includes helping your cat feel more comfortable with their carrier and helping your dog adjust to riding in the car.
  • With veterinarian authorization, we can provide calming medications and/or pheromone sprays to help your pet relax.
  • Suggesting that you limit your pet’s food intake before their appointment so we can offer them treats.
  • Bringing owners and their pets into an exam room promptly to avoid other animals and people.
  • Creating a more calming atmosphere in the exam room using soft music and being careful not to make loud noises.
  • Conducting pet exams in places they’ll feel comfortable, such as on the floor, in their carrier (with the lid off), or in their owner’s lap.
  • Using gentler handling and minimal restraint.
  • We offer the oral Bordetella vaccine for dogs, which causes far less stress than the intranasal vaccine.
Fear Free Dogs
Fear Free Cats